Welcome to the online home of Coach Paul Firepower Gray

Hi, I’m Paul Firepower Gray I’m a movement coach and functional trainer. I’ve created many different fitness programmes and protocols including Art of Functional Movement, iFlows, Spitfire and many more.

As the founder and Head Coach of Firepower Gym I’ve helped hundreds of people gain more strength, greater range of movement and mobility from professional sportsmen and athletes, to grandparents and those afflicted with conditions affecting mobility. My programmes and protocols are applicable to everyone and they’ll work for you too.

I’ve trained in many disciplines including various martial arts, boxing, cycling, Art of Strength, TacFit and much more with some of the worlds best trainers. This site brings together all of my best work under one roof for the first time.

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  • Suitable for all skills levels and abilities
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Mentorship Programme

  • The high level programme for those serious about movement.
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Paul is an amazing coach who goes above and beyond for his members. I have always enjoyed exercise but never thought I could enjoy it and feel as good about myself as what I did while attending Paul’s classes. Gemma Davies
Paul Gray is in my opinion the best coach in Britain, Europe and Possibly even the world. Stuart Macdonald, Art of Motion
Excellent coach. A must if you are serious about your health and fitnessKellie Johnson