Welcome to the online home of Coach Paul Firepower Gray

Hello and welcome to the educational resource centre for Coach PFG.

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Paul Gray and I specialise in movement and functional training, unconventional training tools, injury prevention and rehabilitation-based training methods.  I am an internationally recognised authority on all facets of health and fitness, with over 20 years practical experience. I have trained all over the world and been taught by some of the most talented trainers worldwide and now I am regarded in the same esteem, as such I now teach my own training methods to fellow coaches and enthusiasts.

 I am:

  • The founder of the world-famous Firepower Gym
  • The creator of Spitfire body weight training programme,
  • The creator of i-flows recovery training system
  • The creator of Geometric tension training system
  • The co-founder of Art of Functional Movement Coaching system.

Most people who train regularly become pattern overloaded due to a combination of lifestyle and lack of specific recovery. One of my main areas of expertise is helping my clients to dissipate tension-based pain, niggles that often results over time, in debilitating injury.

By understanding how to recover effectively and reduce the build-up of tension we can greatly improve your health and performance as-well as reducing the propensity of future injury.

I am now offering coaches and educated enthusiasts the opportunity to join my signature mentorship programme where you will learn the same training methods that I use on a daily basis and also the coaching methods that are respected worldwide.

Basic Membership

  • Full access to exclusive videos and content
  • Your own online Gym membership
  • Access to an exclusive Movement Medicine Introductory Programme
  • Unique Body Weight Programme Video Tutorials
  • Full Archive of my Facebook Videos (hours of unique content)
  • Videos include tools (kettlebell, mace, rings, dumbells) and bodyweight exercies
  • Suitable for all skills levels and abilities
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Mentorship Programme

  • The high level programme for those serious about movement.
  • Everything in the basic membership
  • Full access to the Spitfire Bodyweight Programme (Levels 1, 2 & 3)
  • Full Access to the exclusive iFlows programme
  • 1 Hour Exclusive 1-2-1 Skype Coaching with Coach PFG per month
  • Unlimited email support from Coach PFG
  • Exclusive access to all new content first
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Paul is an amazing coach who goes above and beyond for his members. I have always enjoyed exercise but never thought I could enjoy it and feel as good about myself as what I did while attending Paul's classes. Gemma Davies
Paul Gray is in my opinion the best coach in Britain, Europe and Possibly even the world. Stuart Macdonald, Art of Motion
Excellent coach. A must if you are serious about your health and fitnessKellie Johnson